Dive sites around Tenerife
Onderwaterfauna Tenerife 2016 Versie-3
Onderwaterfauna / Underwater fauna
Depth: 14 meters.
Provided by Tendive diving centre.
Dive site: Abades
Abadess: It is a small town located about 40 km from Santa Cruz. Here the dives from the coast are made; the vehicles are parked in the parking lot and you must walk to the end of the beach; When starting the inmesiion we will find a small reef in which we can reach 8 meters of maximum depth; then we make a small navigation on the sand and see Grass until we find the second reef, in which we will have our maximum depth, approximately 14 meters; In this second reef we will see a small cave in which there is a large amount of trumpet fish; we can also observe barracudas, rays, shark angels (depending on the time of year), octopus, cuttlefish, cap ass, sea spiders, nudibranchs and even turtles. It is an ideal immersion point for all levels of certification and for those who love sub photography, it is also perfect for try dives. Abades is a COASTAL AREA PROTECTED FOR DIVING.