Dive sites around Tenerife
Onderwaterfauna Tenerife 2016 Versie-3
Dive site: El Meridian
Onderwaterfauna / Underwater fauna
Depth: 30 metres+
This is the wreck of a WW2 German minesweeper which arrived in
Tenerife in the 70’s.  It was later used as a Dolphin watching vessel
before being scuttled in 2005 for us to enjoy whilst diving and now
lies upright on a sandy bed at 30m.
We can encounter Jacks, Rays, Grouper, Angel sharks and occasional
dolphins as we make our way around the wreck and up to the Crow’s
Nest before making our safety stop.
An advanced dive for its depth and occasional strong currents.
Provided by Aqua-Marina diving centre.