Dive sites around Tenerife
Onderwaterfauna Tenerife 2016 Versie-3
Dive site:  Palm  Mar Wall
Onderwaterfauna / Underwater fauna
Depth: 6-26 metres
Located beneath the cliff face between Los Cristianos and Palm Mar,
this site is home to many fish species including a spectacular shoal of
Roncadores.  As the rocky landscape meets with the flat sandy sea
bed we often see stingrays floating by, and angel sharks like to hang
out amidst the carpet of garden eels.
We are always on the look-out for rays and dolphins who take
advantage of easy meal opportunities at the nearby fish farms.
Depending on sea conditions we may be able to get close enough to
the coast to explore some tiny picturesque caves located just below
the surface.
Provided by Aqua-Marina diving centre.