Dive sites around Tenerife
Onderwaterfauna Tenerife 2016 Versie-3
Dive site: Radazul
Onderwaterfauna / Underwater fauna
Depth: 2 to 90 meters
Provided by Tendive diving centre.
It is located 12 kilometers from Santa Cruz. It is an immersion that is done from coast; access is very comfortable and there is an exclusive area for divers to change. Due to the characteristics of the place it is ideal for all kinds of levels, from tray dives to technical diving, since the depths range from 2 meters to 90 meters. It has several dives to do, depending on the levels; the most known are La Piramide, Los Roncadores, La Cruz, El Ancla and La Cueva. We can find nudibranchs, pilpos, cuttlefish, rays, barracudas, large banks of sardines and even has come to see whales.